Why Choose Automated Blinds?

Attractive & stylish
Blinds protect your interiors from overheating and glare, and help prevent furniture discolouring or warping. Manual operation, however, is not only time consuming, but often increases wear and reduces the useful life of the blind. There’s no question that motorising your blinds is the modern way to go.
Quiet & discreet
Electric motors are compact and unobtrusive, fitting into a tube, well out of sight. The wall-mounted switch or hand-held remote control are visible, yet stylish, modern and compact. Motorisation eliminates the need for unsightly chains or tapes. And the motor is whisper-quiet.
Control flexibility
Control units can be either a wall-mounted switch or hand-held remote control, or both. Both wired and wireless options are available, the wireless option allowing additional switches to be installed without having to alter any wiring.

A choice of control options is available to suit your needs:

  • Individual control — one control unit for one motor
  • Multiple control — several control units for one motor
  • Group control — one control unit for several motors
  • Master control — one control switch for all motors
  • Automatic control — one, several or all motors controlled according to the sunlight intensity, temperature or pre-set times.
Effortless operation
Manual blinds fitted with chains and tapes can at times tangle and jam and take considerable time to unwind and operate. Motorisation means immediate, effortless and smooth operation, prolonging the life of the blind and the quality of the fabric.
Energy savings & security
Automatic control systems provide continuous protection. Blinds automatically extend or retract according to sunlight, temperature or preset times.

Benefits of these actions include:

A) Reduction of discomfort caused by glare and heat penetration

B) Pre-set speed operation eliminates the possibility of damage occurring when retracting the blind, whereas manual handling can easily damage the blind

C) Maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature even when the room is unattended, helping to keep cooling costs to a minimum

D) Security — maintaining the appearance that your home is occupied at all times.
Easy to use
Simple controllers make automated motors a pleasure to use.
Finest technology & quality
Gold Class Blinds Ltd only supplies systems made to the highest standards and from the finest materials.
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